Why Special Events Need Graphic Recording

Events are utilizing graphic recording more than ever to ensure that core messages are easier to understand and memorize. Graphic recording, also known as visual note-taking or scribing requires that real-time conversation be converted into a more interesting visual form that uses pictures and texts.

But why do special events need graphic recording that much? Read on to find out:


1. It makes it easier to record the important takeaways

It’s common to introduce new ideas in special events and, sometimes, these unique ideas can take a bit longer to process. Visual recording solves this problem by making these ideas easier to understand, thus it’s easier for the attendees to remember the details of the discussions long after the event is over.

This yields better results than when speaking is used on its own since visuals engage more senses and areas of the brain. The most creative graphic recording artists like those at The Sketch Effect use visually appealing ways to display information to attract more interest around the main points, thus increasing the effectiveness of the entire discussion.


2. It keeps your event alive

Ever been to an event and as soon as it was over, everything about it seemed to fade away almost immediately? Graphic facilitation seeks to solve this problem by creating content that can be used long after the event is over.

It’s like having a memento that keeps reminding you of the event dearly. The effect is especially greater when you share the graphic recording with all the attendees of the events after it’s over. Even those who didn’t attend will have something to remind them that the event happened, and it can (in some way) make them eager to attend future events.


3. It makes it easier to see the bigger picture

When trying to explain complex concepts or data verbally, you may face serious challenges, and not everyone will understand the hidden points. This is where graphic recording comes in.

The use of images and symbols makes it easier to understand ideas differently so that the participants in the meeting can see the bigger picture. That’s how new ideas are born, and more people join the conversation.

What’s more, data and statistics are easier to digest when presented as graphs and pie charts, thus making it easier to connect main points.


4. Makes it easier to keep everyone group focused and on the same page

The multiple sources of distraction in a meeting can leave a speaker talking to themselves. Cellphones have more than just a single distraction point, and then there’s noise from outside the venue, or even a greater distraction when attendees can see what’s happening outside.

With all these distractions, it can be difficult to maintain a focused group (listening to someone talk for hours seems boring). To counteract the disconnection, you can use graphic recording as a visually interesting way of increasing the concentration of the participants. That way, you can be sure that everyone is on the same page and the speaker doesn’t have to waste a lot of time in the end addressing questions from people who weren’t concentrating fully.


5. It produces professional content for your social channels

If you are looking for high-quality content for your social media channels and website, you may benefit a lot from graphic recording. For online conferences, you can share the graphic recording artist’s output with the audience to give them a sense of what to expect.

For in-person conferences, the graphic recordings will make your event stand out and can be effectively used to promote future events.


In closing,

Graphic recording has various benefits to events of all types and can make even the most bland meeting a special one. If you like what graphic recording offers and are wondering where to get graphic recording artists for your next event, try The Sketch Effect for fantastic results!

The graphic recorders there have years of experience after facilitating numerous events, and they will work in tandem with the speaker at your event to ensure that every detail gets the right attention.