Spectrum silver package: all details you need to run before you subscribe

Spectrum is a part of Charter Communications. It was released in the market in the year 2014 after Charter Communications acquired Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable. Spectrum is not only responsible for delivering high-quality cable services to its customers. It also provides amazing Internet connection as well as home phone services. The most significant advantage of opting for Spectrum is that you do not have to enter into any contract. Thus, you are not bound to Spectrum for a period of one- or two years. You are free to leave whenever you want, and you will not have to pay a termination fee. Other Internet service providers prefer to bind their customers into a contract of one or two years. If the customer chooses to leave the contract before the duration is over, they have to pay a termination fee. With Spectrum, there is no such issue. Furthermore, Spectrum does not place any data caps on Internet usage. Thus, you are free to watch as many shows as you want, and you will not have to worry about the Internet getting over.


In cable TV services, Spectrum offers three different plans to its customers. These plans are Spectrum TV select, Spectrum TV Silver, and Spectrum TV Gold. Spectrum TV select starts at around $45 for 12 months. Spectrum TV silver starts at $74.99 per month for 12 months, while Spectrum TV gold starts at $94.99 per month.


Spectrum TV silver

If you choose to avail of Spectrum TV silver channel list, you will be availing of the following services:

  • Availability of over 175 channels with free HD.
  • Availability of the Spectrum TV app free of cost.
  • The popular channels of Spectrum TV silver package are Showtime, NFL Network, nick junior, HBO Max, to name a few.
  • No binding contracts
  • The availability of thousands of on-demand options allows you to watch what you want and where you want.


Bundle packages

Spectrum also offers its customers the option to bundle up the TV cable services with home phone or Internet services depending on their needs. The bundle package options available with Spectrum TV silver package are:


Spectrum double play silver

  • This bundle package is available at $119.98 per month for 12 months.
  • Under this plan, you will be availing over 175 channels in HD
  • The standard channels include NFL Network, Nick junior, Showtime, HBO Max, etc.
  • You will be availing of download speeds up to 200 Mbps on the Internet. However, the speed may vary depending on your location.
  • There are no data caps imposed on Internet users. Therefore, you are free to watch as many shows as you want online.
  • The Internet modem is entirely free of cost.
  • There are no binding contracts with customers.


Spectrum triple play silver

  • This bundle plan is available at $132.97 per month for 12 months.
  • Under this plan, you will be availing over 175 channels in HD
  • You can watch your favorite shows either at home or on the go with the free Spectrum TV app.
  • The Internet speed goes up to 200 Mbps. However, the speed may vary depending on our location.
  • You have free access to the out-of-home Wi-Fi of Spectrum that is available nationwide.
  • Unlimited calling services
  • The home phone has 28 unique features like blocking unwanted callers etc.


Why should customers choose the Spectrum silver package over the others?

There are many reasons why customers should opt for the Spectrum TV Silver package over the other packages available with Spectrum. These are:


Customized channel lineup

The best part of the Spectrum silver package is that you will be able to avail of over 175 channels. This is a complete package that offers you the best channels available for kids, sports, entertainment, and news. However, your adventure does not end here. With Spectrum TV silver, you can also avail all amazing channels like HBO Max, Showtime, NFL Network, etc.


Over thousands of on-demand TV

Spectrum offers more than 10,000 titles in their on-demand section. Thus, if you are subscribed to any other cable TV service provider, this is an excellent reason to change to Spectrum. With the on-demand option, you can easily control the type of content you watch and your entertainment. With the on-demand title option, you can have access to your favorite movies and TV shows at any point in time.


Spectrum silver package also has other options like

Spectrum silver premium movies are meant for movie buffs. You will be availing all the fantastic movie channels like HBO Max, Showtime, etc.

Silver premium sports are perfect for sports enthusiasts. They have channels like NFL Network and many other sports networks. If you are availing of the DVR services, you can easily record your shows and watch them later.