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What to Look for in a Gaming Monitor in 2020

Using the best gaming monitor not only gives you a sense of accomplishment but also makes your playing faster and enjoyable. Be it among your friends, pro gamers or alone, the best gaming monitor can take the fun to another level. Gaming monitors come in all shapes and sizes. There is not only one but many things to scrutinize when looking for that one best gaming monitor for yourself. With a huge variety of displays to choose from, it can become a bit confusing for the customers if they don’t have the knowledge of what to look for in it. 

When buying a gaming PC, these are the things you should consider: Size of Panel, Type of Graphics Card, Panel Technology, Response Time, Refresh Rate, Resolution of Panel. 

Size of Panel

A perfect size of monitor that is used purely for gaming should not be more than 27 inches. Reason being, if you go for a monitor bigger than this then you will have to move your eyes all over it in order to view everything. That sounds less of a fun and more of a headache, no? With the help of a smaller screen, you will be able to stare in the middle of the pictures and capture everything. 

Type of Graphics Card

You need to consider the graphics card while searching for the best gaming monitors. Often gamers don’t realise how important are their graphics cards in determining the type of monitor they are able to acquire. If you are intending to buy the best gaming monitor, you will need to look for the best graphics card to go with it. 

Panel Technology

There are heaps of different types of panel technologies available out there to choose from. Though many gamers may not know this. But it depends what kind of gaming monitor you are looking for. If you are considering buying a monitor for competitive gaming, then you need to go for the Twisted Nematic, TN, panel type. Along with the best refresh rates as well as response times, it has the most affordable panel technology. Though, you will have to compromise on the colour reproduction, viewing angles and contrast ratios if going for this type of panel. 

Response Time

If you are not a competitive gamer, you don’t really have to consider this aspect. But if you like to play esports titles and abhor losing in a game, then you need to consider this aspect. You don’t want your gaming monitor to hold back your performance as you want to take advantage in every way to conquer the game and beat your challenger. Therefore, a gaming monitor offering a response time is essential for you. 1ms is perfect. Make sure it is not more than 5ms.