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What to Do When Smoke Alarm Keeps Beeping?

There are several good reasons for installing home fire alarm system. Fire alarm system installed in your home can then save everyone’s life. The earlier the fire is detected, the sooner firefighters will respond. If you have a fire/smoke alarm system installed in your property, be it home, office, school, institution, building, shops or mall, then you can avoid significant damages in your property. Perhaps the only reason you really need a fire/smoke alarm system in your property is the safety. Sometimes citizens die of inhalation of smoke as they attempt to flee. With a fire/smoke alarm in place, you will feel relaxed and secure. When you’re away, and when you’re sleeping, you’re monitored constantly. The homeowner is protected 24 hours a day, any day of the week, with a fire alarm device. Your family and you can be confident that this monitoring never stops.

Most of the things are irreplaceable even though you have got your home covered from fire insurance. That involves photo collections, family gifts or objects passed down from generation to generation. You would probably feel very stresses if you were to stay for at least a day somewhere. There is inevitably the mental pain of losing your home and property. These are the reasons why a lot of people install a fire/smoke alarm system in their property. Due to safety concerns, it has become important to install a fire alarm system. But everything comes with a disadvantage and one of the most common disadvantages of having a fire alarm system installed in your home is the annoying Smoke alarm beeping. The most common reason behind this is the low battery. This is the problem anyone can tackle easily. But what to do when the alarm keeps on beeping even after changing batteries. Here’s everything you’d need to know.

Possible Causes of Smoke Detector Beeping

  • As the battery in your smoke detector gets low, the smoke alarm with will start beeping. So, if your device is beeping constantly for a long time, then it’s time to change its batteries.
  • If your smoke detector is beeping irregularly, then there might be a spider in the system.  So gather some courage and take the cover off the system and clean it with a device that blows air to the system. Keeping your smoke detector clean is essential to increase its life.
  • Another common reason that is causing Fire alarm beeping is sharp variations in temperature or humidity. If you have got an alarm installed in a part of your home which is humid, then the problem of smoke alarm beeping might occur.
  • More potential things that might be causing beeping in your smoke alarm ash, pollen, or dust. They interrupt the small beam available in the device. So it’s essential to clean every unit of the fire alarm to keep it in a good working condition.
  • Smoke detectors last for about 10 years if taken proper care. If you’re using your smoke detector for more than 10 years, then the beeping sound might be because it’s not in a working condition now and you need to change it.

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How to stop the Smoke alarm beeping?

While your smoke alarm can be hit by several potential causes, there are a few simple ways to keep the fire detector from beeping. Seek the following approaches if the smoke alarm keeps beeping –

Reset the Smoke Detector

Just like your computer and Wi-Fi router, you can reset your smoke detector. If might be a little bit complicated process, but works mostly. To reset your fire alarm follow these steps –

  • First, you need to turn the power of the smoke detector off.
  • Now, the detector should be removed from its mounting bracket and unplugged from the power supply. Some smoke detectors run without a battery, means they run on electricity, so you can remove the power by detaching it from the ceiling.
  • If there is a battery, then you should remove it from the smoke detector
  • Once you’ve switched the detector off, just press and hold the test button for 15 to 20 seconds.
  • Now replace the new battery in the smoke detector and connect it to the power supply.
  • At last, reattach the breaker to the mounting bracket.

Change the Batteries

Changing the batteries more often removes the disturbing sound from the smoke detector. Every six months you need to check your smoke detector batteries. If it has been longer to change the batteries, then they could possibly be the cause of this distracting Smoke alarm chirping. Note the charge and how it is put until you uninstall an old battery. Whether we substitute the faulty battery with a specific charge battery or wrongly position the new battery in the hole, this will not stop the beeping. Essentially, copy what was in the smoke detector already.

Test the silent button

Testing your smoke alarm is always a good idea. Unfortunately, these tests sometimes become your worst nightmare (where the smoke detector doesn’t stop baptizing). Therefore, even though it is not expected, the silent button can be pushed occasionally. If your smoke alarm is beeping constantly, disconnect your smoke alarm and check it without the battery inside it after the checking of the above two techniques.

Clean your smoke alarm

The problem might be something else if you don’t have your fire alarm is not stopping the chirping after changing batteries and resetting. Dust can be responsible for battery-free smoke alarm beeping. Smoke detectors must also be free of dust or contaminants to operate properly. Cobwebs and mice or some other interference bring smoke detector at danger of failure. Additionally, it may also be triggered by dust and other particles. When the alarm is already running, you consider getting an air blower and running inside of the alarm vents. You can do it when you replace your battery as well. Keeping your smoke alarm system on a regular basis is essential to increase its life and of course, eradicate its irritating beeping.

Buy a new one

If nothing works, then it might be possible that your fire detector is old and cannot work properly now. So it’s better to change it and buy a new one. Smoke detectors are affordable to buy. There are many online shopping sites that sell smoke/fire detectors at an affordable cost. You also get home delivery and they install the entire system.

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Smoke detectors save lives. Whether you are alone or living with your family, just keep them safe from fire and other hazards. Get all the essential safety items like CCTV and fire/smoke detector installed in your property.


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