What is the Amount of Compensation for Bodily Injury?

Have you been the victim of a road accident, assault, work accident or even a medical accident? Did the incident result in bodily injury? Rest assured, in common law, bodily injury is repaired through compensation. Personal injury could result from various factors like road accidents, workplace accidents, medical malpractice, pedestrian accidents and more.

You can contact a personal injury lawyer to help secure compensation if you’ve been injured in such accidents. Some personal injury lawyers specialize in specific injury cases. For example,  a pedestrian accident lawyer will handle cases involving pedestrians injured as a result of recklessness by other motorists or road users. The amount of compensation will depend on the extent of the damage.

Subsequently, the person responsible and the victim can agree amicably on a final amount. Otherwise, the calculation of compensation is left to the judge’s discretion. Following the shock of the accident, a disturbed mental state can prevent you from defending your case correctly. Assistance from a personal injury lawyer will benefit you.

What is the amount of compensation after bodily injury?

The amount of compensation varies from victim to victim. When calculating the compensation, the court will take into account the points of the following list:

  • The nature of the accident (aggression, traffic, medical intervention);
  • The status of the victim (for a road accident, the victim can be a pedestrian, a driver or a passenger);
  • The circumstances of the accident;
  • The profile of the person responsible (person or animal);
  • The extent of the manager’s coverage (whether insured or not);
  • The insurance companies are concerned by the file.

After the consolidation of the victim’s condition, the final test is carried out by the medical expert. The test results serve as a reference, but the amount negotiation is possible in two phases. First, during an amicable phase during which the two parties agree on the amount to be paid. If no agreement is reached amicably, the case is taken to court. The judge will decide the amount of compensation.

Why contact a personal injury lawyer?

To initiate a legal procedure for compensation, a legal expert will be of help. They will examine and assess the damage, and a technical expert will study and estimate the needs relating to the damage. Your interests will be defended in the best possible way. It will be possible, with the help of your lawyer, to request additional investigations from the prosecutor or to take legal action. You will be able to be represented at all disciplinary hearings. The firm will seek compensation for your damages.

Your interests will be defended against the insurer of the person responsible so that you are compensated for your damages. Thanks to this support, your rights and interests will be negotiated as well as possible, whether you are the victim of a car, bicycle, electric scooter or motorcycle accident and even if you were a pedestrian. Your attorney will also keep you updated on the progress of your case and guide you on the steps to ensure you secure the much-needed compensation.