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Security Measures You Can Do Before Sending your Computer to a Repair Shop

Most of the time, we are not in control of all the things that might happen in the future. Everything is good today but will be different on the following day. This situation is the same with our computers and other electronic devices. Maybe, your laptop or desktop is running smoothly today but may act differently the following day which is pretty normal if it happens.

There will come a time that the issues of your computer can only be fixed by sending it to a computer repair shop. But, is it safe? What are the safety precautions you need to do in order to safeguard everything? What are the things that are needed before giving your PC to a computer technician? These questions among others will be answered as we go deep in this article.

5 Important Steps to Take Before Going to a Computer Repair Shop

  • Backup Your Data

Data loss is a possibility if and when other people will have access to your computer. Although only a small percentage of it will happen, it is still better for you to do this step to protect your data and protect your business in general. There is no better way for you to avoid stress than to have a personal copy of any data of your business found on the computer. Just in case some accident happens which will result in data loss, your data will not be affected.

  • Have your Personal Data Encrypted or Remove Totally

When you give the computer to other people, trust issues will always be there even if the company is good or has been proven before. There will always someone who might take advantage of this type of situation and might steal personal information from you. To ensure that your data is safe from theft and other similar individuals, you can have the information found in your computer encrypted or have it totally removed. Doing this step will totally prevent these individuals from taking advantage and steal your data.

  • Make Sure to Keep Safe All your Software Security Keys 

There are some situations that the computer repair shops have no other recourse but to remove all software installed on your computer. Keeping your security keys with you will lessen the impact of this action as you can reinstall it again once everything is back to normal. This action is equally important as keeping your data safe because it will give you the easiest way to install all your software once the computer issue is fixed.

  • Make it Appoint to Give an Easy Access to your Computer

Whether it’s a laptop or desktop, it is vital for you to give easy access to the computer technician who will do the repair to your computer. The purpose of this is to let the technician inspect and check everything on your computer. This will also help to quicken the pace of the computer repair process. Giving easy access includes disabling all the passwords among others. 

  • Be Careful Where to Give your Device 

Well, if it is the first time you are giving your computer to a repair company, this is an important step that you must take. The simple rule is to choose the best computer repair company in your area. A company that has been proven to provide the best computer repair service at an affordable cost. A company that can secure your data and handles your privacy well. 

Other Precautions you can Take

  • Ask if Formatting is Needed

Most of the time, there is no need to format your computer. But if formatting is needed, always notify the technician to have you informed so that you will know what to do with all the data of your computer. This will minimized and even prevent data loss upon formatting your computer.

  • Log out from All your Online Accounts

As a security measure, you must log out of all our online accounts before giving them to the computer repairs company. Remember that there are computer users who like to save their passwords using internet browsers for easy access to all of their online accounts. These saved passwords must be removed from your computer for security purposes. 

  • Shredding of Deleted Files

This is another security step you can take that can help you with data privacy. This step can be done after you back up all the data where shredding can be done after. If you are not familiar, shredding is a technique where you use a software called a hard drive shredder that eliminates or destroys the old disk in such a way that the data can’t be recovered again. This process can help you protect any important data from being recovered by other people.

  • Empty Delete History and Junk

This is another step that you can do to prevent any stolen data from possible theft. If you happen to delete files before handing it to the computer repair shop, make it a point to empty your recycle bin, delete history and junk files to prevent any access to data. 

  • Remove all the accessories in your computer

If your computer is attached by a lot of accessories, make sure to remove it before handing it to the computer repairs company.


Unfortunately, you cannot always fix a computer issue on your own. There will be some times that you will be needing assistance from the experts to repair it. But before doing this step, you must know and follow the steps we mention before giving your computer to the company to prevent potential issues that might happen in the future.

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