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My Experience with State Bank of India’s YONO Cash

State Bank of India which is more popularly referred to as SBI is the biggest bank that is working in India. Being a bank owned and operated by the Government of India SBI has earned the huge trust of people. And well there are many reasons why people not only trust SBI but also the other banks operated by the Government of India.

When we talk about the banks that are operated by the GOI in India we get an image of the bank in our mind. And this image will be like slow process speeds, staff members who are not cooperating well with the customers, etc. But this is not how the State Bank of India operates.

This bank is the biggest bank in India. Not just that this bank is not behind any other private bank in terms of the latest technology. The bank has a good portfolio of the latest technology products. But today I am going to share my experience with one such product of the bank.

I will share my experience with the SBI’s YONO Cash Feature.

What is SBI’s YONO Cash?

YONO cash is a feature of the official mobile banking application of the bank. The application I am talking about is the YONO. It is an acronym for You Only Need One. For now, this is enough as the introductory part of this feature.

What is the Use of YONO Cash?

YONO Cash can help you withdraw money from your bank account without using the debit card or the ATM Card. But you can use this feature only in the ATMs of State Bank of India which are YONO Points. You will find YONO points nearly in all most every city in India.

How Much SBI Charges for this Feature?

Here State Bank of India is charging you nothing to use this feature. All you need to have is a smartphone that can run the YONO Application. Just use the app to generate the transaction number, set a 6 digits pin number and you are good to go.

How was my Experience with YONO Cash?

Ok, so we now know many things about the YONO cash like what it is, how it works, and how much SBI will charge you. Now I will come to the main topic for the day that is my experience with this amazing feature.

I was going to Bengaluru from my native place and I was getting late for my train. While I had packed everything I needed during my visit to Bengaluru. But what I left back at home was the debit card of my SBI account.

I had little money with me which can be used by me to go to the Railway Station from my home. But then when I went to the railway station then I realized that I left back my debit card.

This was the moment when I felt like this visit of mine to Bengaluru will be messed up. But then I was still ok because I had a UPI application installed on my smartphone which can help me out survive in Bengaluru while making payments and buying things.

I was using Wifi at the railway station and a friend of mine messaged me on WhatsApp. We were just talking and I told her that I have left back the debit card at home. And now I don’t have time to go back and bring my SBI’s debit card.

Then she told me not to worry and use the SBI’s YONO application. And she introduced me to the YONO cash feature. I quickly searched on the internet about this application. And I found a Guide to Use YONO Cash on Bank With Us. After learning more about the application I downloaded the app on my smartphone.

I turned on the mobile data and then logged in to the application by entering my internet banking details. Then I used the YONO cash feature to generate the transaction number. There was a State Bank of India ATM machine on the premises of the railway station.

I used that machine to withdraw some amount of money. Then I thought it would be great if all the banks operating in India give this kind of feature to their customers. And well, that is happening now. Even the private sector banks are giving this kind of feature to the customers.


Experience with State Bank of India’s YONO Cash YONO Cash