Modern Women and Their Ever-Growing Love for Minimalistic Jewellery

It’s a known fact that jewellery holds a special place in the lives and hearts of women. For a time unknown, women have been adoring jewellery to enhance their appearance. However, in recent years, minimalistic jewellery is replacing traditional gold jewellery swiftly. The ‘barely there’ style is known as minimalistic jewellery, it personifies minimalism in the true sense by being lightweight, and contemporary in designs.  Here are some reasons for this shift in the preferences among millennials.

  1. Helps in expressing personality: More and more women these days are embracing financial independence. Women are going all out and about to fulfil their dreams and career aspirations. To complement their confident persona they need jewellery that’s subdued yet graceful. Minimalistic jewellery fits this perfectly. From elegant bracelets, and sophisticated pendants, to chic ear cuffs, all the innovative designer jewellery pieces in today’s time are crafted keeping modern women’s needs in mind.
  2. Compliments the western wear: Women these days like to own jewellery pieces that can blend with not just Indian wear but modern outfits as well. Minimalistic jewellery designs are dainty and modern so that it doesn’t look out of place when a woman adorns it with even a pantsuit. Its sophisticated aesthetics seamlessly blend well with all sorts of attire, and since they are so straightforward that one cannot go wrong with the look.
  3. They are affordable: One of the main reasons why women around the world are gravitating toward minimalistic jewellery is that apart from being beautiful they are very easy on the pocket. Minimalistic jewellery for example women’s earrings are generally smaller because they are made with a lesser amount of metal like gold and have fewer to no gemstones embedded in them. As a result, they are lesser in price point, and women can own more such pieces without having to pinch their pockets.
  4. They are not clunky: The problem with traditional jewellery is that they are usually bulky and don’t make a suitable choice for daily wear. After all, when you are at work, you don’t want to wear jewellery that looks overpowering and comes into the way of your daily duties. Fine jewellery pieces are dainty and nothing too loud. They add the right amount of bling without creating distractions.
  5. Ideal for non-jeweller wears: Women who shy away from wearing gold jewellery also love adorning minimalistic jewellery. This is because they are great in style, and yet don’t make you feel uneasy or overboard. They are a perfect way to add a wee bit of glitter to your daily outfit.
  6. Great gifting option: Many times we want to gift our loved ones exquisite jewellery but withdraw from this idea because you are worried about the wrong design selection and also they are expensive. Whilst you can’t go wrong with fine jewellery designs as they are suitable for all age groups, and they are very reasonably priced.

Therefore, minimalistic jewellery is high in fashion quotient and has something to offer everyone. If you are feeling inspired to make a fine jewellery purchase, then explore the collection from Melorra for some unique, trendy designs.