keyboard shortcut 390x220 1 - Keyboard Shortcut For Making a Window Full Screen.

Keyboard Shortcut For Making a Window Full Screen.

The computer has become an imperative part of our lives. Whether we are working, playing or watching, the computer has helped us in multiple ways. A computer consists of a keyboard, CPU, Monitor, mouse, speakers, etc. While working on a computer, the keyboard plays a major role. If we need to type anything, we can only type it with the help of a keyboard.

Recently, while working on the computer, I was searching for an option to make the Chrome browser window full screen. Frankly, I didn’t know the shortcut key of making the Chrome browser window full screen on Windows 10. I searched on the internet and got the solution. It’s not just me, who is not aware of some important shortcut keys.

There are a lot of people who don’t know the short keys of the keyboard. Knowing shortcut keys can actually making your life easier. Here in this blog, we’ll share the keyboard shortcut for making the window a full screen. Not just that, I’m also going to share some other important keyboard shortcut keys in this blog. Let’s discuss further.

The keyboard shortcut for making a window full screen

The method of switching to full screen may vary from one application to another. The F11 key, especially for browsers, is a very common shortcut. Your computer screen can be instantly and conveniently convert into full-screen mode by pressing F11 Key. Try It! Did it work? Of course, it will work.

If you are using document type software, then hit the WINKEY and the up arrow to maximize the window. You can hit the down arrow to reduce the screen size.

You should know that the shortcut key is for Windows computer only. For Mac, there are different commands and short keys.

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Other essential windows keyboard shortcuts

  • For Copy, Cut and Paste here are the short keys –
    • CTRL+C: Copy the selected item
    • CTRL+X: Cut the selected item
    • CTRL+V: Paste the selected item
  • To select entire items on the screen, press Ctrl+A
  • To select a word on screen, press Ctrl+Shift+Any Arrow Key
  • To select an alphabet on screen, press Shift+Any Arrow Key
  • To open “Find” dialogue box, press CTRL+F or F3
  • While using a word or other typing software, press CTRL+B to bold
  • text, CTRL+I to italicize text and CTRL+U to underline text
  • To save any document, press CTRL+S
  • To print any document or screen, press CTRL+P
  • To open a file or a document, press CTRL+O
  • To create a new file or document or open a new browser window, press CTRL+N
  • To open a new tab in the web browser, press CTRL+T
  • To reopen a closed tab, press CTRL+Shift+T
  • To view your browsing history, press CTRL+H
  • To close a window, press CTRL+W
  • To undo an action in any file, screen and software, press CTRL+Z and CTRL+Y to Redo an action  
  • To capture a screenshot of a window, press ALT+Print Screen
  • To capture the entire screen/desktop, press CTRL+Print Screen
  • To lock your computer, press WIN+L
  • To jump to opened applications, press ALT+Tab
  • To close the current window, press ALT-F4.

There are thousands of short keys, but we’ve only shared the ones which are mandatory.

Follow them and make your life easier

The computer has already made our lives easy and by following these short keys, you can make your life easier. In this blog, I’ve shared more than what you were asking for. I hope you’ll follow these tips and tricks while working on windows. Keep learning.