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Importance of Dive Computers

I realize a couple of you use dive tables, however much more of that you never. Some do not merely since they, like myself, have purchased dive computers and don’t have any need to utilize the tables frequently. Frighteningly others have purchased a dive computer nor use of the tables regularly. They count upon their friend, divemaster, direct, or even various other divers on the visit to plan their dives on them. That is frightening things. Seriously. 

Once upon a time, once I was a brand new diver and dive computers needed only become more conventional, ” I completely poopooed them. Only idle divers cannot grasp dive tables will spend such enormous sums of money never to need to consider themselves. 

Obviously, over time I have changed my song. Dive computers are now so predominant and cheap today that there’s simply no reason not to have one. While I totally and completely believe all divers will need to comprehend dive tables and their relationship to diving, I think it is quite so intense that most divers have to possess their particular dive computer. 

Why? Funny, you should ask! Allow me to make it clear.


That is correct. You can dive more. Why? As the dive tables assume, you will likely beat the specific same depth for your full dive. 

Every diver on earth knows that is scarcely ever the circumstance. Dive computers require your direct descent under account alongside almost any rising and falling you do throughout your dive. It’s always recalculating (just such as a GPS!) and your available underside time, depending on your existing depth while taking into account most of your previous centers and times. It can more than the brain ever might. Well, more in my mind ever might, anyway.

In case you will get started using Nitrox or do, your computer’s calculations eventually become even more essential. With a qualified nitrox computer, you may quickly calculate and compare O-2 proportions and depths to find out the perfect mixture for the intended dive. Few students remember just how exactly to accomplish this after hanging out of these nitrox classes, and also, the computer gets it simple and lightning fast.


As a result of the causes mentioned previously, the dives are somewhat safer having a computer whenever used correctly.You get rid of the human error risk inherent in direct calculations, and you also eradicate the requirement for expecting someone else to get it done to you. Even given a chance that the dive computer may obtain it wrong, in the event you and your friend both have one afterward issue is almost moot.  

You have computers, so they agree, and it’s highly improbable that both computers have been erroneous at the same time. It will also record your old dives, and as you are on the ship, it’s going to scroll through the depths and show you the recent NDL if you had been to dive right then. Since your face time rises, so do those NDL it exhibits.


The present-day dive computer is both technologically complex and intentionally lasting; however, even the very fool-proof system may malfunction — especially when salt is demanded. Bearing this in mind, every diver depending on a computer to ascertain the depth or atmosphere distribution, should hire a mechanical backup. “I do not expect my air-integrated computer for tank tension. Therefore I have a backup mechanical indicator,” Huggins says. Automatic tools, for example, as an easy pressure gauge along with perhaps even a powerful console incorporating tension, depth, and a compass, may provide you added confidence to abort a dive if your computer fails safely. If your budget allows this, a second dive computer may cause a pillow of safety, because nothing surpasses slips (ask any astronaut).


Dive computers serve a double purpose for being a dive log. Just about all of them will now save a specific amount of dives in the memory card, and the majority may be associated with your PC to download the info in the latest dive excursion. Some comprise applications that may employ this advice to a dive profile to you, which would help discover air eating habits, among other activities (if that is of interest to you). As opposed to you having to keep in mind what your maximum depth and time has been, the computer does this for you. Thus, even when you should be using manual dive logs, more info is there before one can copy down. Most even keep tabs on straight water temperature too.


The expense of dive computers has come down drastically through time, as their functionality has significantly grown. When there are some pretty high priced models all that is necessary is only a simple computer that provides you with depth and NDL. You may buy one at less than $200 easy, actually nearer to $100 if you chance to grab a purchase. How much is the satisfaction worth? And if you are a beginner finding the best dive computer is not as easy as there are many facts you have to consider while buying. Check out the guide on the best dive computer for beginners to get the best one. 


Paradoxically, more and more dive operators are beginning to require you to own a dive computer before diving together with them, especially if you should be doing more complex level dives. Sometimes you’re able to rent one, even though that might be necessary at times, wouldn’t you use some computer you are knowledgeable about? It’d have been a pity to be captured unsuspecting in the next dive vacation by discovering which the dive operator you reserved together with requires one to own a computer and that you also don’t possess one. Therefore until you purchase one, be sure that precisely the rules come all with the shops you are diving with.


Dive computers are not infallible. Their objective is to keep you from getting bent by doing continuous and rapid calculations of one’s bottom time and depth. They may not, but consider additional DCS risk factors like age, weight, hydration degrees, and the simple fact you remained out all night partying. For the topic, it knows nothing about your particular human anatomy; also, it has health. Because of this, dive computers needs to be considered an instrument and nothing more. Much like any tool, know just how to use it before doing this rather than allow it to choose the area of safe diving comprehension. Do your practice, learn about the tables, know that the science supporting these, then use the computer that will assist you to ease securely utilizing the knowledge.


Importance of Dive Computers