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How to Master SEO in 2020: Steps to Become an SEO Expert

Do you want to increase your website ranking or improve traffic? With search engine optimization SEO, you can achieve both goals that can help to generate more sales and enhance revenues for your website. But before turning SEO into profit, you must be willing to learn all there is to learn about SEO to make yourself an expert. The privilege of SEO professionals is that they are playing a greater role in the marketing world than ever before, and SEO is a skill that needs to be mastered by every professional using their own efforts. For example, if you have been practicing SEO for 2 years, then the next step in your mind should be to become an SEO expert and rule the marketing world in the next five or ten years.

Let us explain why every marketer should learn the successful search engine optimization skills and why it is important to first understand the difference between an SEO professional and an expert?

What makes you and SEO Expert?

An SEO expert is not exactly as same as an SEO professional because he exactly knows the difference between successful and unsuccessful SEO. An expert always knows how SEO works for his clients and how they can help to apply the right strategies to boost the website rankings. However, an SEO professional is also an SEO expert who adopts the profession of doing SEO for companies and clients either by acting as their consulting manager or offers them his services on per project basis. However, what we want to explain that you don’t have to adopt the profession of SEO in order to become an SEO expert. There are several reasons many people should be SEO experts even if they do not plan to offer their services to professional businesses.

Advantages of Becoming an SEO Expert?

An expert is an individual who has a professional value or demand in the industry. An SEO expert can significantly help businesses to grow their revenues and increase their sales. Therefore, let us first explain what are the benefits of becoming an SEO expert even if you are a doctor or an engineer by profession.

  • The most important reason for mastering the art of SEO is to increase the rankings and traffic of your website. That goal cannot be accomplished without mastering the skills of professional SEO. This is the prime reason why someone should become an expert in the first place. If you do not know how to improve the rankings of your websites for search engines, then you can take advantage of increased rankings and search engine traffic to make more money.
  • The biggest benefit of becoming an SEO expert is to have less dependency on SEO agencies and professionals who milk your money for their important services. If you do not have robust in-house SEO skills, then the only way to survive and thrive is to hire the services of expert SEO consultants and you can grow business without depending upon external support.
  • If you are solo entrepreneur or blogger, then the best way to save a lot of money on SEO is to master the art of SEO with self learning and avoid hiring the SEO consultants.
  • If you know SEO yourself, then it is much easy for you to decide for yourself who company or agency you should hire to cater to your needs. Not all brands are equal in size and profits; therefore, you need to decide the right SEO consultancy firm to help you gain the maximum benefit on your investment. Knowing SEO yourself can help you to decide better for your website.
  • It is a reality that no business in the current century can survive online without proper search engine optimization. SEO is no longer an optional thing, it is compulsory for all businesses. There is no way to survive in the competitive fierce world of competitive brands without correctly knowing and mastering the art of SEO.

Steps to Become an SEO Expert

1. Understand how Search Engines Work

Before even staring to think about SEO, your first step should be to know and learn all about how search engines work. For many people and organizations, his maybe something that they already know. But it is always good step to learn the basic concepts of search engine optimization then learn the advanced theories and practices.

2. Learn all the Basic Search Engine Optimization Concepts

Before diving deep into the sea of SEO, you should first get your hands dirty with general ideas and all the different disciplines that make up the search engine optimization. That learning is not limited to SEM, but you should learn all the basics of search engine marketing and social media marketing on your way to become an expert. Moreover, you should also know what to expect from SEO and avoid making unreal assumptions; it is not a get rich quick scheme.


3. Understand the True Meanings of SEO to become an Expert

If you think SEO is just a game of few keywords and back links, then you are wrong. SEO is much more complicated than a high school student can comprehend as a beginner. The true mission of SEO is to provide the users with the best experience on your website and give them exactly what they need. Your goal is not limited to increasing the organic traffic, indeed, you need to learn and master the strategies to convert this traffic into customers or buyers. No technical SEO also has components such as On Page and Off Page SEO. On Page SEO deals with content creation and optimization, whereas, Off Page SEO deals with website promotion and techniques. All these techniques are essential for you to learn before becoming an expert.

4. Get the Right SEO Training and Experience

SEO is not something sweet you can learn in the college class room. Once you begin your journey to become an SEO professional, one thing you will realize that there are too many things to learn from the Internet to develop your own skills. Then you will end up with a list of so many books and tools to try on your own and experiment with them until you are successful. Boosting a website is no joke.

5. Staying Updated on SEO Changes

SEO is never static; it is always changing with Google dominating every aspect of SEO with ranking algorithms each year. The best way to stay updated is to follow some good SEO news websites and blogs to learn the new changes from Google.

6. Learn the Right SEO Tools

Nowadays, search engine marketing is a game of learning new tools because SEO cannot be done alone. Along the way, you need to be able to process many decisions. These tools can help you in the long run to boost rankings such as Google Analytics, SEMRUSH, AHREFs paid version, and Moz.

7. Practice SEO and Demonstrate your Expertise

Experts say that the best way to learn anything is to teach it to others. You can considerably learn many new things and improve skills if you start your own SEO blog and transfer your knowledge to everyone. Sharing knowledge is a great way to enhance your expertise and demonstrate your learning over the years.


How to Master SEO in 2020 SEO in 2020 Steps to Become an SEO Expert