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Forex Fury Review with My Settings

Automated trading has gained substantial momentum in recent years. Similar to other traders, I also wanted to boost my gains using an automated solution. I started using Forex Fury back in 2018. However, I wasn’t too sure about using customized settings at that time. After noticing great results and improvement in my ROI, I finally decided to take a leap and decided to give the customized settings option a try.

What is Forex Fury?

Forex Fury is an expert advisor (EA) robot that has the power to handle all your online trading. With this feature-rich EA, you can secure profitable trading for your business. Plus, with Forex Fury EA, you get the much-needed trading facility of multiple pairs. The AI-powered EA operates carefully under volatile market conditions. It uses advanced algorithms that have a 360 view of the situation thus minimizing your investment risk and saving you the hurdle from looking at all the intricacies of profitable online trading.

How Do You Use Forex Fury?

Forex Fury EA appears to be a fascinating AI-powered agent that simplifies Forex trading. You may be pondering though it’s an excellent choice, but how does it work ? or What kind of settings is best for the EA?

Does it work with the same settings for all types of Trading? Well, no. The Forex Fury EA has multiple settings for a variety of users. There are robust algorithms designed for advanced traders to serve their needs. To help you discover more on the super-performing Forex Fury EA on the market, I’ll discuss how to use Forex Fury for the best!

To ensure that the Forex Fury gives you powerful performance, you can consider testing multiple pairs. However, I would recommend applying one pair at a time. It is because the EA will operate with a variety of functions on a single pair ensuring optimal use of its resources. With the matter of choosing a pair, as a safe suggestion, I would recommend you install the MT4 platform and set up a few demo accounts. These demo accounts are absolutely free and unlimited to test! Exciting? Isn’t it. There’s no other EA provider currently on the market that allows you to run unlimited tests.

As your guide, I’ll not only help you choose the ideal settings for your EA but also share my experience with Forex Fury. And, I will also share my best settings that have helped me earn sustainable profits without worrying much about the market prospects. So, stay with me.

The most important thing for EA trading is testing time. You must be careful when you set the time since your decision has a great impact on the robot’s potential to make the best of favorable market time. 4-5 EST which is 9-10 pm GMT is our recommended time for a trade. Plus, you may also want to trade for one hour since it’s enough for effective performance and risk-free trading.

Some of the top traders have reported immense success in Asian timings. Other suitable timings could be between 8-11 pm EST which is 2 pm-4 am GMT.

Initially, you may want to pick a different hour each for a distinct demo account.

As a necessity, you may want to know your GMT time from your broker and set time for trading accordingly.

My Settings for Forex Fury

My settings for the EA are simple and highly beneficial. Though you may need to have a specific setting for yourself after you run different settings on each of the demo accounts

TP: 5

I recommend you to set your TP in the options at 5. Setting your trading profit at 5 can yield you exciting, small, risk-free profits on regular trading.

SL: 55

Though the ideally recommended TP and SL are 5 and 40 as most of the traders have benefited from this setting. I would suggest that the Selling Loss should be higher than the TP. Generally speaking, it maximizes your chances of remaining in a good deal and getting the most of a potential gain.

Range Trading: True

The range trading strategy works perfectly for me. Since the EA is specially designed to help you yield the most from short-term trading, it could be beneficial to set the setting to range trading.

One Set Per Duty: True

I would also suggest you select the option of “One Set Per Duty” since it would enable you to make your EA utilize its full capacity on one pair for trading. This ensures minimal risk involved and enhances prospects for good financial gains as it allows the EA to function efficiently.

Max spread: 5

A high spread seems favorable and has proven to be capable of reaping good profits for most of the clients. My recommendation to you is to set your max spread to 5 so that your EA works with the required level of risk-averseness.

The rest of the settings default

Keep the rest of your settings to default. Believe me, there’s not much to worry about. Changing settings though increases the likelihood of good profits, you should also know that default settings are also designed to react with the most advanced and responsive algorithms. Some of the clients have also reported earning good with the default settings.

My Results with Forex Fury

With Forex Fury, all I need to do now is monitor the growth trends periodically. I no longer need to monitor all of the indicators prior to making a decision on a trade. Trading pairs have never been easier than with Forex Fury.

It’s unbelievably safer, risk-free, and guarantees sustainable, small profits, promising long-term growth. My results with Forex Fury have been amazing as I’ve 2 live accounts running through the software and I’ve made sound profits in the last two years as a Forex investor. My settings are ideal for my trading.


I started as a trader struggling with online Forex trading. But, with the high-end EA like Forex Fury, I have got my confidence back in online Forex trading. In fact, I’m now more comfortable with automated trading since it has minimized my effort. Remember! Each investor operates differently and taking note of each setting and its performance is the key to high gains with automated trading.


Forex Fury Review with My Settings