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Best Ways To Get World of Warcraft Gold

Gold in World of Warcraft is a currency awarded in small quantities for completing quests and missions, defeating enemies, and selling unwanted items to vendors. It is used in the game to purchase things like armor repairs, crafting reagents, and flight paths that ferry players to various locations.

Gold can be earned through three ways: Quests, Missions, and Killing monsters. The quantity awarded by quests alone isn’t enough to make serious money at it (although some higher-level quest rewards can be sold for a lot), but when combined with any profession and material gathering activities, gold begins adding up quite nicely over time.

Best Ways To Get World of Warcraft Gold

Before we begin, want to say best of luck on your journey for gold! Many people think they can make tons of gold overnight, but that’s not entirely true. Even though you don’t need to work hard, it takes time and dedication.

There are four major money-making strategies: farming, crafting, daily quests, and playing the auction house. The amount of gold earned depends on the dedication. Also, there are some safe, fast and best online trade like overgear wow gold where you can buy wow gold shadowlands.


Most people earn gold playing World of Warcraft by playing as they normally would and selling any items that they don’t need. This will be the easiest way to make fast gold right off the bat for those just starting out.

The Auction House

The Auction House is one of those hidden gems that can help you earn lots of gold in WoW. It’s simple because other people put their stuff up for an outrageous price or buy other players’ products at a reduced rate, so you don’t have to.

The auction house can be a useful tool for finding good deals to snatch up and flip for a profit; however, it takes a lot of time to learn how it works, and plenty of people have mastered this tactic to turn a profit even at level one. It’s one of the better ways to make wow gold if you’re patient enough to learn how it all works.


Gathering professions like mining, herbalism, skinning, or fishing can greatly increase your income from quests alone. The added benefit of creating your own items for personal use or selling on the auction house is a huge advantage. Not only that, but you’ll need some of these materials yourself if you decide to take up crafting later.

Consignment Houses

Another way players can make wow gold from other players’ goods is by using the in-game consignment houses. At first, these options seem really expensive, but after a while, you get used to them and realize that the prices are actually quite reasonable given how much time it takes to farm for some items. However, using this method can be dangerous since other players may attempt to drive down the price by undercutting, which can ruin your profits.

The Level 60+ Market 

At level 60, a whole new set of quests and areas unlocked gives players the chance to gather even better materials for higher prices.

The PvP Market

Although totally different from grinding mobs, this type of wow gold making requires players to have a decent sum of money before entering into competitive battlegrounds where the rewards are greater. In addition, any honor or rank points acquired from these activities can be used towards valuable items in the game’s shops.


Crafting is another best way to get World of Warcraft Gold, but not many players do it because crafting makes you go broke. The best thing about farming over crafting is that you can also play the auction house while farming, making your gold flow more rapidly. I’ve heard stories where people had lots of money after using the best way, best items, and best PvP talents at level 80 WoW for all five of their characters!

Max Out Crafting Skills

Hunt for Rare Mobs. Some mobs drop valuable items, so your profits will increase drastically if you spend time killing them. For example, some rare mobs sell cloth armor for more than 10 gold pieces in the auction house! It’s best to go looking for rare mobs with a best friend so you can both farm and share the best way money.

Be a Better World of Warcraft Player.

Some players have over 100000 gold! To get that much gold, they must be doing something right. So a good player can earn a lot of gold by playing better. The only way to improve as a WoW player is to put your social life, other games, and relationships on hold. 


Farming, in my opinion, is the best way to make gold other than the AH, and farming goes really well with playing the auction house. The best thing about farming is that if you find good farming spots, they’ll be available to you even after someone has discovered them. You can also sell your items at the auction house while farming! That’s why I call farming the best!


I hope you enjoyed reading the best way to get World of Warcraft Gold, and best of luck on your journey for gold! Thank you for reading this article.