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Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

Nothing can contribute better to your leisure time than watching sports. There is a different world of sports watchers. They can avoid anything to watch the game of their favourite team and players. Not everyone gets the chance to watch sports games in the field so radio, television and the internet are the best mediums available to watch games live. Previously radio was the famous platform to get the live information of scores. As technology advanced, people started watching live games on television via cable. But now, the internet is the most liked place to watch live popular sports from different countries. On the internet, you can watch live Football, Baseball, cricket, tennis, hockey, badminton, golf and wrestling games. Sports lovers understand the pain of missing their favourite game. Most people wait for months to watch their favourite team in the field, but due to hectic schedule, they miss out the game, which is heartbreaking. It’s tough to keep up with the sports world while being busy. So, it’s obvious to crave for a platform where you can watch live games with the help of the internet and that at no cost.

Most sports lovers crave for a free online source of watching live streams of games so that they can watch them from anywhere without paying a single penny. Online platforms like Hotstar charge money to stream live sports games. So, what are the other platforms to fulfill your desire to watch free live games? You are going to get the answer in this blog. We are going to share a list of the best free sports streaming sites that let you watch live sports content without any legal complications. You might be excited to know the games. So, let’s not waste time and proceed further to know the names of these free sports stream website.

Free sports streaming sites

#1. BossCast

BossCast is the first website in our list that lets you enjoy live sports streams from different sources. BossCast is one of the best live sports streaming platforms to watch almost any sporting event online. The coverage is quite good, so usually, you can find the game you are looking for. Soccer, baseball, basketball, cricket, GP racing, badminton and other common sports are free on this website. In comparison to the most other sports streaming websites, Flash is needed to access BossCast. That means you have to install flash and then let it run on the site if you want to watch live sports on this website.

#2. Reddit

A reader may be surprised to find that the list includes Reddit. Reddit is not a forum for sports broadcasting; it is the biggest group on the internet. Reddit is one of the best platforms to find interesting information about our favourite sports. You should be able to find links to websites to watch your favourite sports live. This does not include live streaming of any event. Most streams a reader finds are non-official, so a person needs to look for working streams, as they can be blocked at any time. If you are facing problems finding some good links to stream your favourite sports sites, then you can visit Reddit & get the links of popular sports streaming sites.

#3. Sony Liv

Sony Liv Sports is another of sports streaming site supported by Sony. Cricket with some rights is broadcasted by Sony India on Sony Liv. It also runs on different premium sports such as football, racing, rugby, MMA, WWE, etc. They notify you every time a live sports show is broadcasted on their platform, unlike other platforms. Liv is Sony’s live streaming service to watch live sports on the streaming device. Sony has also built its Android and iOS applications which you can use to watch your favourite sports activities wherever and whenever you want. Most streams would be late by 5 minutes if anyone tries to watch them without a subscription. When it comes to the content it offers to its viewers it will not be a bad deal. The service is provided only to India, so if a person wants to use the service outside India he/she would need to use a VPN application with servers of India.

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#4. StreamWoop

Streamwoop is one of the most popular sports streaming sites platform with many American sports such as NFL, NBA and NHL. This sports media platform allows live sports online. They have a range of sections, including live events, trend events, playbacks and recent games, which can be used for sports events. Each live sports show has been arranged according to its schedule so that you will never miss your favourite sports event again. Streamwoop provides an app that is simple to use and is quick for users to use. Navigation is also easy, fast and simple on this platform.


It is one of the major and strongest live sports streaming platforms in 2020. Stream2Watch, which is often considered to be one of the world’s larger live sports streaming sites, is crowed by diehard sports fans. It never lags like all other sports streaming sites. Almost any sporting event you might think of may be viewed live from Stream2Watch. You can search on the webpage that you want to watch online. It has an interface that is dark and user-friendly. You can obtain the content in HD on this site! This online sports streaming website survived by showing ads, so you can unblock ads by using AdBlock on your browser. A number of mirrors are available for streaming and downloading material from this website.

#6. WatchESPN

The official ESPN channel operates this free sports streaming platform. The user interface is very compelling and looks premium. This is one of the biggest online platforms for sports in the United States. It has the largest collection of sports. Sports you can watch on ESPN are Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, NFL, F1, Tennis, Wrestling, Horse racing, Cricket, Golf, College sports, WWE, MMA and more. There are no deceptive or distracting pop-up advertisements on WatchESPN. You can watch content in high resolution. It also has an official Android and iOS app so you have a choice if you’re stuck at the airport and wants to watch a couple of sports. To watch your favourite games live, install WatchESPN on your mobile phone.

#7. VIPLeague

You should have heard about VipLeague if you’re a sports fan. The introduction of platforms like VIPLeague for sports broadcasting makes now much simpler to view games. This is the only site that allows the change in themes, so you can change it according to your taste if you don’t want the user interface. Don’t worry about the name for the VIP, it’s free and probably the best free sports streaming sites. Sadly, several ISPs in a few countries have blocked it. However, it can easily be avoided with a free VPN service. We can say it’s one of the top websites for sports streaming. When using it to stream your favourite sports games, you don’t have to pay any subscription amount. It provides you with a full list of game events to be held. This helps you decide what you want to see later.


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