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12 cons of playing on a slot machine

Slot machines like slot online and rtp slot online are known to be the most profitable and addictive games in a casino, but they can also be expensive. Some games will cost you a few hundred dollars per hour, and it doesn’t take long to lose all the money you have in your pocket. For this and many other reasons, you should play on a slot machine only if you know what they are all about. Here are some of the cons of playing on a slot machine:


  1. When both games feature different themes, the “High Roller” usually has no special features.

You have to make a minimum bet every spin. You can’t choose to play for smaller amounts or for fewer times in order to decrease the cost of playing. This is one of the reasons why people get addicted and keep losing more money. The other reason is that these machines provide instant gratification since you do not have to wait for your payouts even if it amounts to just a few cents per spin.


  1. The payouts on a slot machine are unpredictable.

You can play a bonus round, but you usually have to wait for many spins to cash out. This is why you have to wager a lot of money in order to win a little, but even if you do win, there is still no guarantee that you will get the amount of your bet. You might be lucky and get 5 times the amount of your bet at one time, or it might not happen at all – no matter how much you spend. The only way this can be prevented from happening is by placing small bets every time you want to play.


  1. Slot players can become addicted to the game.

Slot machines cause dependence because of their unpredictable payouts, instant gratification of small wins, no skill and the chance to play for unlimited hours with small bets. While this is not a real problem unless you have a problem gambling, it is still wise to keep a limit on your play time, and stick with playing slots just for fun.


  1. The return on investment on an average slot machine is around 90%.

It means that if you bet 100 dollars and win, you will get back 90 dollars only. You need to play a long time before you can return your money, and even then, some of it will be gone since the majority of slots do not allow you to withdraw more than the winnings in a certain period of time.


  1. Fixed odds do not guarantee an even chance for everyone.

Players who spend the most money have a better chance of getting lucky than those who spend less. This is why those who have spent only a few dollars have to play over and over again before they can break even, if they can at all.


  1. Slot machines are known to be corrupting.

Many slot machines will have slots where the odds can sometimes be manipulated, or you have to pay a bribe to get certain results. There are also many rumors of slot machines that allow gamblers to cheat their way to even the lower odds which is against the casino rules and would make the machine unprofitable.


  1. The player is alone when playing on a machine:

The best part about slot machines is that there are no companions, just people waiting for their turn again and again until they finally get what they want from the machine. There is no way for the player to communicate with others, which means that he or she has to play alone.


  1. The payout ratio on a slot machine is not as high as it is on other games.

This could be good or bad depending on the outcomes of each and every game, but even if it is high, you can forget about getting rich fast. If you have enough money to play and win several times in one sitting, then you can expect a decent return on investment from your own bet. But this depends on how lucky you are. You might be lucky if the machine allows you to withdraw and if it bills by amount instead of percentage of your stake amount.


  1. There are careless players who lose on slot machines.

People play the machine with their own money, and even if they want to win, it’s hard for them to put in enough money every time they play so that they can be sure that they will win something. They don’t place bets at a higher or lower rate than what is recommended by the casino. They do not try different bet sizes or times between spins, and they do not have a strategy in mind which would make them more likely to win.


  1. Slot machines can make you rich, but they will not make you a shark.

Most people who “win” on slot machines have just as much money left as those who lost. Even if you put in the same amount of money, the odds are just not on your side. There is no point in spending more money than what you have to lose, since that’s just not going anywhere.


  1. Most people consider slots as a form of entertainment only.

It is true that they are fun to play, but only to a certain extent, and many players consider them as a short-lived entertainment which can be played while waiting for the food to arrive or on any other wait time at home or work in general.



Slot machines can be fun for a short period of time, but keep in mind that you will eventually lose all your money in the process. You do not need to play on a slot machine if you know how they function, and if you have any of these cons in mind, then there are better ways to spend your money. Remember, the only reason why people play slot machines is because they want to win something in return. So, let them win and don’t play on them yourself.